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Safe and sustainable
debt collection at no extra cost

Don’t lose the customer! Avoid payment orders and surveillance by choosing CostSaver.

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What do our clients say?

"Preventia is an excellent cooperating partner with a primary focus on efficiency and results, and their way of working doesn’t affect our relationship with our customers."

- Henrik Nilsson, CEO Sigillet Fastighets AB

"Preventia Finans shares our values in how they work with collection. They are solution-oriented and use effective processes where communication and the customer are both top priorities."

- Stefan Wedebrand, CFO JULA

"Preventia Finans is an effective and trustworthy partner for us towards our customers."

- Lars Sjööqvist, CFO Helmia

"After almost doubling the success rate of our previous supplier, we are extremely satisfied with Preventia Finans and their way of working with collection."

- Johan Orrgard, CEO Collage Foto

"With their high success rate early on, Preventia Finans has greatly reduced our work with injunctions to pay towards our renters. We couldn’t be more satisfied."

- Sanja Batljan, CEO AB Nynäshamnsbostäder

"In addition to their high success rate, Preventia's integrated systems have essentially taken all the work load off of us regarding debt collection."

- Björn Andersson, CFO Parvus Trading AB

"To always work with the customer in focus has proved highly successful and we have seen significant cost-savings and an improved rate of success."

- Olof Lorentsson, CEO Bilab

"Our customers operate within both the public and private sector and that puts high demands on our suppliers to be knowledgeable and flexible. Preventia meets and even exceeds those demands."

- Krister Pettersson, CEO Magnusson & Freij

What do our clients get?


Higher success rate before use of enforcement authority


Individual & Manual Handling


Up to 13 additional measures on all requirements


As debt collection should be

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