Preventia Finans is a value-governed finance and collection company where consideration is given to both our clients and their customers. Our philosophy in collection is to be a partner; one that can provide expertise and support, all in the effort to reduce future unpaid debt claims.

The working method we use is one proven to be highly effective within debt recovery. We work manually and on an individual case management basis in all steps of our process. In order to provide our customers with a simple but thorough overview of their cases, all of our employees are trained in the entire collection process.

We value transparency, so with PreventiaOnline, our customers have 100% access to their cases. They can log in and easily see exactly where we are in the collection process.

And finally, by being flexible and agile we can always find the right solution best suited for our clients’ business needs.

Our vision

To be the obvious choice for clients in search of quality, results and a partner that values their customer relationships.

Our mission

To have the highest success rate of debt recovery in Sweden, always using solutions and processes that are best suited for our clients and their individual needs.