Our point of departure is “the money in and the customer back”. Based on your wants and needs, the absolute, best prerequisites for fast payment are created.

Debt collection is an art where payment and service are decisive components in order to ensure continued business and good customer relationships. Our processing methods and our will to always go a step further result in a success rate that far exceeds the industry average with goodwill as a sign of recognition.

  • CostSaver, immediate extra measures for fast results
  • No unforeseen costs
  • Avoid payment order to the furthest extent possible
  • Total control and transparency with PreventiaOnline
  • High rate of success with individual case management
  • Feedback

Preventia Finans is a value governed collection agency, which means consideration is applied to clients and debtors. It is of the highest priority that expenses and time not amass since this can lead to lost revenues and can mean losing a customer. A case that goes to a default summons is considered a failure for us.

Our value governed administration methods are characterized by ”right measure at the right time” and we always originate from the Data Inspection Board’s stipulated directive. These are not, however, always sufficient and additional stimulants and measures are sometimes required to keep the process moving forward and arrive at a quick conclusion. We apply summary process if need be, but only in the event that all other measures have proven to be ineffective.

“An unpaid claim is often unpaid because it has been given low priority to the preference for others. With our recovery package, CostSaver, the chances increase considerably that your claim is given priority over other unpaid claims and creditors.”

In order to secure efficiency, we assess directly right from the starting phase how we think that your case should be handled. Based on this, we jointly develop a framework for how we will work in the future and spread your customer policy further.

As the client you have full transparency through PreventiaOnline, which means that it is possible to follow each separate case in real-time with the same access to information as the appointed administrator. You are able to follow the progress of your case and see that we work according to our commitments and keep our promises.

Collection step-by-step

There is a difference in operating a collection agency and carrying out debt recovery, through action and individual case management we ensure that your invoice ends up at the top of the payment pile.

Case registration


Case registration is dependent on the contract. The alternatives available are: forwarding by PDF, registration via PreventiaOnline or with a file.

Collection claim


The collection claim is sent the same day so there is no time lost.



12 days after the collection claim is sent, CostSaver is activated. Using up to 13 measures within a 4-day period we do our utmost to get your claim prioritized in relation to other claims

Next measure


If payment is not received or a settlement reached with the debtor, we can then proceed with a measure of your choice.