Invoice administration

Complete control of your ledgers without putting in any time.

With Preventia Finans we create an automatic invoicing administration entirely based on your wishes, which means that the only thing you will need to do in the future is to check your money in your account. We take care of the remaining work. Reports for accounting can easily be found on PreventiaOnline.

  • Unaffected by personnel absences and work bottlenecks
  • Save time and avoid stress caused by neglected ledgers
  • Constant and prioritized ledgers
  • Save money and improve liquidity
  • The possibility to adapt claim routines for chosen customers
  • Direct access to your ledgers via PreventiaOnline

Invoice service

Simplify your day considerably with Preventia Finans invoice service. When business is carried out you forward invoice documentation to us and let us take care of the entire process. You avoid follow-upl and subsequent administrative burdens and hereafter only need to check that the money reaches your account.

Get total control, free up time and resources. The financial advantages are reduction in costs, shorter credit times and improved liquidation. We take care of your invoicing and the remaining chain of events and you can focus on the core business. We can jointly develop a credit policy that you feel suits you best.

Preventia Finans invoice service is fully automated according to your wishes and credit policy.

Ledger accounts service

If you wish to invoice internally but would like administrative help afterwards the ledger accounts service is an alternative. After the invoice is sent, forward the documentation to us and avoid monitoring incoming payments and we administer reminders and continue the process if payment is not forthcoming.