Invoice purchasing

Preventia Finans is a direct lender and when you contact us you are speaking to someone with authority to make decisions without go-betweens that delay the time.

Decisions are prompt and uncomplicated and credit limits are based on your customers’ credit rating and not on your own.

  • Pay up to 99% of the total invoice
  • Faster and easier than the bank
  • Money directly
  • Create floating capital
  • Low fees and minimal credit risk
  • Possibility for expansion and growth

With invoice purchasing you can receive access to money quickly to pay unpaid bills, salaries, purchase of materials as well as liquidity to be able to expand and develop your business. Preventia Finans can help you to reach your full potential.

With a processing method for unpaid invoices that is unique to the branch, you will also experience that you have received a high value for your customers so that you can continue to do business in the future.

“The service is very flexible and it is your choice which invoices and how many you want to sell”

The decision is made quickly and credit limits are based on customers’ credit ratings, not on yours.

Preventia Finans is a direct lender and when you contact us you are directly in touch with a decision-maker without any go-betweens that delay the process.

Invoice purchasing step-by-step

Pay up to 99% of invoice amount. Decisions are swift and simple and the credit limit set is based on the customer’s credit rating and not yours.

Send invoices


Send all or a portion of your invoices in the format of your choice.

Credit assessment


Immediate credit check of invoice recipient and the invoice is sent thereafter.

Payment within 24 hours


Money is deposited into your bank account, bankgiro or plusgiro.

Potential post-events


In the cases where invoices are not paid we will handle your customer in the exact manner that you would.