Purchase of debt stocks

Release capital and hidden assets by selling written off debt.

It is your decision whether you sell a portion or the entire debt stock. With Preventia Finans you also get a partner that safeguards your brand and each individual case is handled with the greatest respect for you and your customers.

  • Don’t spend more time, save time
  • Eliminate administrative burdens
  • Instant appraisal
  • Money directly
  • Avoid bad balance entries
  • Turn your write offs into revenue

Old receivables are regarded as an asset post on the balance sheet but are, in reality, quite uncertain. In order to manage this in a simple and uncomplicated way you can sell these receivables to us.

We purchase portions or entire receivable stocks, you decide and the money is immediately paid out. For a purchase to take place receivables cannot be disputable or be past the statute of limitations.

“Free up capital and hidden assets by selling your written-off receivables to us”

Management of each individual case takes place with the greatest amount of respect for you and your customers. That we take over receivables does not change the way we manage the case, we do everything for you to maintain a good business relationship with your customer in the future.