Rent collection

Preventia Finans handles commercial, current and evicted tenants that have not paid rent on time.

Through our unique individual case management method, we attain a greater level of success than the industry average simultaneously as time spent per case is reduced considerably. Efficiency and speed are mainstays that make it possible for you to be able to make quick decisions with respect to both tenant and rental unit.

  • Individual follow-up of each case
  • Short service times through close collaboration with chosen service companies
  • Fast results that increase profitability on each rental unit
  • Care and understanding for your tenants
  • Avoid vacancies or reduce vacancy periods
  • Experts in both commercial and private rental claims

With our collection package CostSaver we get the tenant to understand the importance of paying rent ahead of other claims. The result is that we save the creditor expenses and other complex problems that arise in an eviction process. Even you as a landlord save expenses and vacancy periods upon defaulted payments or unnecessarily prolonged processes.

“Efficiency and promptness are the basis for you to be able to make quick decisions about both tenants and objects”

Rental collection differs from other collection processes as there is often a lengthy relationship between landlord and tenant. With Preventia Finans’ individual case management it means that you receive payment for your claim while retaining a good relationship with your tenant.

In those cases, where eviction is necessary we prefer to use service of party to reduce the time from application until eviction can be carried out.