Utility collection

With individual case management, you avoid wasting time and unnecessary extra costs for the debtor in all cases.

Through extra measures we prioritize your claim and can avoid disengagement. Our industry unique working method provides you as the client with goodwill and, in the long-term, more loyal customers.

  • Fast handling of cases
  • Close cooperation with leading process server companies
  • Reduced costs for all parties
  • Strong customer relations and goodwill
  • Avoid disengagement
  • Follow each case in Realtime via PreventiaOnline

Preventia Finans has substantial experience in operating utility collection. Thanks to individual case management that is unique to the branch, in combination with a close cooperation with one of the country’s leading process serving firms, we attain faster payments and a higher rate of success than the branch average.

We handle each case individually and manage to get the debtor to prioritize your claim ahead of other debts. By maintaining close contact with the debtor we achieve solutions prior to additional costs being incurred for both the client as well as the debtor.

“With close communication we can influence the debtor to avoid disconnection and strengthen your customer relationship”

Utility collection differs from other collection services as the process is subject to the regulations that can be found in the Electric and District Heating Act. Our administrators have solid knowledge of the regulations and together with our lawyers we handle your case as efficiently and promptly as possible.