Preventia Finans is the obvious alternative if you want efficiency, results and customer care in the management of your customers.

We are a value governed finance and collection company, which means that we work exclusively after the motto ”right measure at the right time”. We always strive to reach the highest possible solution rate as possible but never at the cost of your relationship with your customers.

There is a difference between collecting debt and running a debt collection

We call it offensive debt collection with an outstretched hand

Diagram bakgrundsbild
Debt collection claim
Swedish Enforcement Authority

Debt collection claim from third parties are usually paid

  • Carelessness is caught
  • Clearly shows that your customer should pay
  • Prioritized ahead of other invoices

CostSaver is activated immediately for all the debt claims

  • A minimum of 6 extra measures within 4 days
  • Higher rate of success by up to 42%
  • Goodwill, consideration and efficiency

Necessary if the debtor remains elusive

  • Next step upon default of payment
  • Use of the Enforcement Authority, a last resort
  • Choice between payment and having a mark on the credit rating

In order to achieve these levels traditional measures are not sufficient and these must be supplemented in order to attain results. With the use of passive methods not only do costs increase as well as the risk of the claim remaining unpaid but also that your customer is restricted from continued business until the claim is paid. Actively managing each case individually leads to the documented best results and avoids loss of customers.

In the event that the customer in question is actively unavailable we will follow-up with the appropriate measure of your choice and possibly use of the authorities, but not until we reach this point.

It is our policy to work prospectively and our working method includes, as a point of departure, to resolve payment before additional costs and problems are incurred for your customer.